Tokamak DEMO VR Fúzelín model is being developed as a successor of our virtual model of pressurized nuclear reactor VVER-1000. The current status of development is presented on this website.

Poster presentation (czech): poster FUZELIN

Video walktrough (Czech audio): video FUZELIN

Latest version for VR Oculus Quest 2 can be downloaded for free here.

This is an early version of VR model, the final app should be published mid 2024.

DEMO is project o the fist nuclear fusion power plant that will be based on the research and achievements of tokamak ITER. The VR model Fúzelín is created for the purpose of popularization and education of both public and students interested in nuclear fusion.

    • Full scale model based on recent conceptual studies
    • Interactive
    • Design of components based on real research articles
    • Visualizazion of magnetic field and plasma
author of project Fúzelín: Vojtěch Smolík vojtech.smolik@fs.cvut.cz 
special thanks to Jan Hermoch and Slavomír Entler